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Westchester Demolition and Junk Removal Services

Renovations, reconstructions, and many other home improvement projects start with demolition.

Westchester County homeowners looking to change up the look of their homes, change room functionality, or increase property value each have to take the same first step when kicking off construction.

Before creation comes deconstruction and this step while maybe not as glamorous and exciting as what follows is oftentimes just as important.

Sure bashing apart your kitchen may sound like fun but in reality demolition is a strenuous, laborious and dangerous job. Large and small-scale demolition jobs alike should be left to professionals who know what to do with electric wires, water lines and understand how to assess a room framing to determine what if anything should be replaced before fresh drywall is hung. That’s why it’s so important to call in the professionals for these kinds of things.

If you’re in Westchester, New York, we invite you to call on our professional demolition and junk removal company to serve as your partner. Let’s take a look at what we can offer you within the realm of demolition and rubbish removal.

Westchester NY Kitchen Demolition

Our kitchen demolition services were designed to serve kitchen demolition and pre-construction prep for spaces prior to scheduled renovation and remodeling. Our team can step in and ‘take-it-down to the tacks’ for your construction team and likely at a fraction of the cost quoted.

Because we are a dedicated demolition company we enjoy cost savings at each phase of demolition and junk removal and pass these savings right on to you which is great for homeowners.

There are many things that can, unfortunately, go wrong when homeowners choose to do the demo themselves:

  • Aside from personal injury which is far and away the one thing we must all aim to avoid;
  • Accidentally taking down or compromising load-bearing walls (this is a ​ very​ expensive and dangerous mistake)
  • Damaging pipes, air ducts, or electrical wiring
  • Forgetting to turn off electrical systems!
  • Forgetting to prep the plumbing
  • Forgetting to secure any necessary permits (ignorance is never a defense)

Kitchen demolition is dangerous, leave it to the pros. We’re available for pre-demolition assessment (helping you pick out what parts of a kitchen need to go) as well as the demolition and subsequent rubbish removal. Not only that, our clean and professional means of operating means you won’t have to worry about a bunch of dust and debris spilling out into the rest of the house.

Westchester NY Bathroom Demolition

A bathroom demolition can be tricky to do on your own given that it involves running electricity, water and pipes.

When we’re called for a job like this, we take that into account as we demolish different bathroom fixtures and remove them from the space. We can also scale our services appropriately for the size of your bathroom and adjoining rooms.

Westchester NY Basement Demolition

If your basement isn’t how you want it to look, let us come in and demo the aspects you want gone to make room for the recreation center or storage space of your dreams. Our junk removal can also help in taking away all that garbage that’s piled up down there even before the demolition.

Westchester NY Commercial Interior Demolition

If you own your own storefront, a change of appearance can be a great way to attract new customers ahead of a rebranding or reopening. Work with us to help plan out your
new space before we move toward the demolition process.

Westchester NY Demolition & Rip-Out Services

Rip-out services take away all the furniture, appliances, carpets, and other fixtures in a room without damaging the room itself like in traditional demolition. If you’re happy with the design of your room but want to get rid of just about everything else at once, this is exactly what you need.

Complete Home Gutting

If you’re planning to rebuild your home or business from scratch sans the surrounding walls, our complete home gutting service might be just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a single room or the entire structure, we’ll tear it apart to the level you want to make room for a whole new look.

We invite you to call on our demolition team for a free no-obligation quote. We are not like the other area demolition and junk removal companies and that’s good thing! We are a local family-owned and operated outfit ready to show you what we are all about.

We will meet and beat any price quotes and if possible will offer live-loading for your jobs rubbish at no cost!