Interior Demo Westchester NY

Interior Demo in Westchester NY? Here’s How to Get Started

Interior Demo Westchester NYIt’s exciting to consider how an area of a home will look and function after a successful remodeling project. 

By following the right steps, starting with a well-planned and strategic demolition phase, it’s absolutely possible to pull off a successful remodeling job. 

This article will outline several helpful tips homeowners can follow to ensure their remodeling project goes as smoothly as possible and maximizes the outcome of the chief construction…it all starts with hiring a professional interior demolition company.

Westchester is home to many Professional Demolition Companies

..and while we would love to help you we understand we are not the only company that can. 

That said we have written this article to make sure we are not brought in too late or after another team mucks up the demo-job as is often the case.

Demolition is not a DYI Project

First, we get it, it’s tempting for homeowners to try and save money by making the demolition step a DYI weekend. But, the truth is demolition is dirty and often dangerous work. Demo work almost always consists of unforeseen pitfalls ranging from minor annoyances like falling debris to potentially dangerous situations. ‘

with a  professional will ensure the job runs smoothly by handling such tasks as acquiring all necessary permits, as well as shutting off utilities when necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the home and the safety of the neighborhood. 

A demolition professional can also offer advice with regard to how the design of the new area will impact critical components of the home such as load-bearing walls, electrical wires, and plumbing pipes, and other critical structures. 

By using only professional tools actually made specifically for demo projects, a professional demolition contractor can get the job done safely and efficiently with minimal downtime due to unexpected surprises such as asbestos or pest contamination. 

Once the job is complete, a professional demolition contractor will also handle the task of removing all waste materials from the site. Junk removal is a job in and of itself.

westchester demolition companyFinding the Right Demolition & Junk Removal Contractor

It’s important for homeowners to have at least an outline of their project in hand before things get started. A plan helps keeps jobs on track and allows all parties to review and discuss the projects total scope as well as the steps involved.

 After selecting a company and verifying their licenses, insurance, and bond status, it’s still necessary to draw up a contract that discusses the details of the project, the costs, payment dates, etc. 

Once the project begins, it’s important to check in on a regular basis to ensure everything is going as expected. If a payment schedule was included in the contract, the homeowner should also stay up-to-date on their payments to the contractor.


The right Westchester County demo and junk removal contractor will want to perform a quality job. In our area, nothing short will suffice to make our and every industry a competitive one. 

We take great pride in not only meeting but actually exceeding the expectations of our customers, if you need help with a project at any phase; be it planning and organization, or with one that’s ready to get started you can call on us with a question. We are just as happy to quote a project as we are to offer our expert advice.

If you’d like to know more about our interior demo expertise and our price match guarantee, please contact us