Westchester County NY Demolition and Junk removal- Offers a One of a Kind Low Price Guarantee! Contact us for Details


Westchester Demolition & Junk Removal

Demolition & Junk Removal services when and where you need them and always at an affordable price!

Westchester Demolition and Junk Removal is a locally owned family company. We proudly provide comprehensive junk removal and demolition service to Westchester County residents and local outfits alike.

We call Westchester County home, too and are proud to operate an ecologically minded and environmentally friendly company serving our friends and neighbors throughout the area.





From kitchen demolitions to home gutting services our team can work quickly and efficiently.

Junk Removal

Packing, hauling, and de-cluttering a home is a big project, you don’t have to do it alone!

Live Loading

During a live loading job our team loads junk into a bin or cart as it is brought out.

Affordable Price

Westchester County Demolition & Junk Removal Offers a One of a Kind Low Price Guarantee!

We offer around the clock junk removal service to ensure we are there when you need us.

Our Services

Our Demolition and Junk Removal services were designed to pick up and handle the jobs you should not and likely do not want to! 

Our demolition experts and junk removal teams can handle demolition projects and junk removal situations of all sizes and are always just a phone call away.

Westchester County NY Demolition

Our Demolition and Junk Removal team will gladly help remove the three “R’s” of the junk removal world: Rubbish, Rubble and Refuse.

Serving residential, commercial and construction sites alike for whom we also offer live loading service. Look to our junk removal team to remove: concrete, asphalt, and scrap metal. We can break down and clear old furniture, like couches, wall units, out of date or non-functional televisions, computers, fixtures and other home components, including mattresses and even kitchen appliances.

Our team can pick-up, remove and discard mechanical structures, machinery including anything from asphalt to auto parts.

Our Eco-Friendly Demolition Services were designed to meet the needs of: residential home and property owners as well as commercial building and construction teams.

Our junk removal services focus on serving the needs of home and business owners here in Westchester County. From debris that collects after water and storm damage or the passage of time.

Our live loading team loads junk and rubbish while a demolition job is in process. We offer live-loading service as a stand-alone service or in combination with our demolition service.

Westchester Demolition & Junk Removal

Our process starts with a free no-obligation quote and project assessment. A member of our team will come out to your location and help assess your needs; then, together, we will design a plan to swiftly and efficiently remove whatever it is that you want gone! 

We partner with homeowners, members of the local Westchester County business community and contractors alike to remove junk and provide demolition and disposal services as needed.

We have all seen it happen when junk is left to accumulate; it quickly becomes an eyesore and inconvenience. Clutter and junk seem to collect effortlessly and it only stops when you do something about it, like calling us, Westchester Demolition and Junk Removal we are here to help you: clean junk up and get debris out.

Please note: we can only remove non-hazardous waste and anything not requiring mechanical lifting assistance.

Prohibited Items

  • NO commercial garbage, construction material, compressed gas tanks, motor oil, medical waste, rocks or dirt
  • NO tires, rims or car batteries
  • NO electronics, commercial, construction or roofing materials, gas tanks, or motor oil

Trash Removal

  • Westchester Demolition and Junk Removal picks up and discards the trash public sanitation won’t. We pick up trash that is too large for standard collection days. We can help dispose of storm and water damage, fire damage, furniture, appliances and more.